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Have you skipped the basics?

Jan 30, 2019 7:28:01 AM / by Crissy Santillano

             Gymnastics teaches you basic movement patterns such as squatting, jumping, pulling and pushing. These body mechanics are vital and functional to your quality of everyday life. In anything new you are learning, it’s never a great idea to skip the basics. Imagine how hard it would be skipping pre-school, never learning the alphabet or 1,2,3’s but trying to read a book and calculate math. Mastery of the CrossFit Gymnastic movements will not only improve body weight movements but also how well you can move objects such as a barbell, kettlebell, medicine ball or dumbbell.  

            Do you ever feel like you’re working against your body during a workout? It is easier to move an external object than it is your own body weight. I imagine if you are new to CrossFit than most of you struggle to get a set of 10 strict pull-ups but can deadlift a barbell from the floor with little to no effort. 

            Men and women frequently express that one of their biggest goals starting their fitness journey is to achieve their first strict pull-up. You may have seen YouTube videos of people doing a swinging type movement that some would call “cheater pull-ups”. This technique is called kipping and is one of many gymnastic techniques you will learn in our classes. Kipping allows you to pump out a lot more volume of reps at a much faster rate. Here at Jones N4 CrossFit, we want you to be able to perform a minimum of 5 strict pull-ups before graduating to kipping pull-ups.

             Gymnastics class will help you build the strength and stability to control these technical, dynamic movements. Our goal at Jones N4 CrossFit is to always keep you moving safely. Our experienced and knowledgeable coaches will help you learn to move well and build strength from which then we begin to increase volume, intensity and difficulty of the movement. Whether you’re struggling to get that first muscle-up, rope climb or double under, gymnastics class will help you improve on technique, strength and body awareness.


 Join us every Monday, Wednesday at 6:30pm and Friday at 5:30pm for an hour of gymnastics skill work, strength building and conditioning.

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Crissy Santillano

Written by Crissy Santillano