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Feb 20, 2019 1:48:17 PM / by Crissy Santillano

           Contrary to popular belief, you are not required to meet a prerequisite fitness level before joining your local CrossFit box. CrossFit is scalable, for every age and every fitness level. From never stepping foot into a gym to the last time you worked out in high school (which was over 10 years ago), that is okay. Here at Jones N4 CrossFit, we meet you where you are. Our coaches keep all their athletes moving in a safe environment and know exactly how to push you out of your comfort zone but never out of your abilities. Just as CrossFit is scalable, the CrossFit Open is scalable as well, which is why we highly encourage each of you to participate in the Open.


            The next 5 Thursdays, CrossFit HQ will announce the workout of the day, every week over the course of five weeks (5 total WODs). You have until Monday to complete this workout but at Jones N4 CrossFit we host the WOD every Friday, which we call “Friday Night Lights.” This is your time to test your fitness, think of the Open as your yearly “benchmark” test. The possibility of hitting new PRs are high and you might just do some things you didn’t think you were capable of yet. Jones N4 brings everyone together in a supportive environment, cheering each other on until the last second and hyping you up. Butterflies in your stomach, adrenaline pumping and then you hear "3…2…1…Go!" You’re in the zone and pushing harder than you do in everyday class.


            As a member of Jones N4 CrossFit you are highly qualified to participate in the fun. The heart of the Open is not always the top athlete but the athlete who embraces the spirit of the CrossFit community. The athlete who is cheering for others, motivating and leading by example. This athlete, male or female, is giving their all during the WOD with a relentless attitude. Come celebrate our community, fitness and becoming stronger together. “Friday Night Lights” truly is a fitness party filled with your closest friends. Every night will be themed, so come dressed up, ready to have the time of your life.



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Crissy Santillano

Written by Crissy Santillano